Patient Finance

Patient Finance Information

At Medical Point Hospital, we aim to make our patient's experience with us satisfying.

Our pricing policy is transparent and a price estimate is provided for the procedures. Care is personalized, so the cost of treatment will differ between patients. The estimated price represents only a possible range of costs and should not be interpreted as actual treatment costs. Pre- and post-procedure costs, complications, underlying problems and home remedies are not included in the price estimate and are the patient's responsibility at the date of discharge. Medical expenses not covered by the Third Party Payer will be the responsibility of the patient at the date of discharge.

For self-paying patients, we discuss the costs of procedures and high-cost treatments with our patients before care begins. A full deposit is required for all procedures including CT/MRI/PET Scanning. Initial deposit as anticipated is also required for General Medical Admissions. If there is an excess deposit after the procedure is completed, the money is returned to the patient. Unless otherwise stated, we will refund you in full if the procedure is canceled in advance.

If the payment is made by credit card, the refund will be made over the credit limit at the exchange rate on the date of return. In case of payment by cash/debit card, the refund will be made by cash or money order. All bank transfer refunds are subject to bank service fee, exchange rate, and the bank's foreign exchange buying and selling rate difference.

The patient has several payment options to choose from.
Payment by cash, credit card and debit card is accepted. Checks are not accepted.
Bank Transfer can be made from abroad in the following ways:

Bank name: Akbank, Turkey
Bank address: Örnekköy, Girne Blv
NO:241/A, 35575 Karşıyaka/İzmir- Turkey
Bank phone number: (+90) 554 871 10 07
Pay: Sentez Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.
Hospital address: Yeni Girne Bulvarı, 1825. Sk. No:12, 35575 Karşıyaka/İzmir
Registering account:
Quick trick:

Please provide the patient's name and Hospital Number (HN) on the payment slip so that the transfer can be approved quickly. After the transfer is complete, please ask the bank for the SWIFT MT103 notification form and fax or email it to the hospital to the following address:

Email: [email protected]

E-Payment: Bumrungrad Hospital has created an alternative way for the patient to pay the medical bill via an online system or "E-payment" to facilitate the payment process. The e-payment method is safe, fast and accurate. The patient/relative/friend can easily pay bills or deposit money via the on-line system without coming to the hospital. There is no service charge for e-payment. Patients who prefer to pay via e-payment should inform the cashier. E-payment link will then be sent to the e-mail address of the patient/relative/friend. We welcome VISA, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay and American Express Credit card Western Union is a financial services company that offers person-to-person money transfers (plus fees) that can be done the next day or the day. It has agency locations all over the world. Credit Card Pre-Authorization . Relatives and friends can authorize Bumrungrad Hospital to take credit card withdrawals without being in the hospital by scanning the following documents and sending them to the relevant unit.
1. A copy of the credit card, both front and back, which is still valid. Please confirm the security code (three-digit number) on the copy, write 'Correct Copy' and sign it.
2. A copy of a valid passport/official ID card with photo/driver's license. Please confirm and sign 'Correct Copy'.
3. A letter of consent allowing Bumrungrad Hospital to make payment from your credit card. Please see the example below.
"I hereby authorize Bumrungrad Hospital to pay my credit card number: .................................. ............... ............, security code (three-digit number): ............ ...., expiration date: ......... ................ To cover the medical expenses of Mr/Ms/Ms.: .... .............. ................................ Hospital Number (HN ): ............ in the amount of ............. ................................. .. (numerical and written amount) Please sign your name and date."

* American Express and Diners Club credit cards are accepted for such payments.
If the treatment cost is less than the deposit, the patient can contact the cashier to get a refund after the treatment is finished.
Cancellation of the procedure/surgery, the patient receives a refund immediately, unless the cash refund amount is high, the patient is refunded the next day at the latest (please see the non-refund policy below). The patient will receive a full refund upon return, unless there is any damage to the borrowed patient uniform, medical equipment, wheelchair, oxygen cylinder, blood glucose meter, etc., rented or borrowed items.
The hospital receives a Letter of Guarantee from the embassy to cover all treatments after the patient is admitted. If the hospital receives partial coverage, the partial deposit will be held on hold on the extended coverage. Refund of non-contract insurance coverage will be refunded after the hospital receives payment from the contracted insurance within 30 days. The refund amount depends on the amount guaranteed.
The hospital receives a letter of guarantee from the contracted insurance after the patient is fully hospitalized and discharged. The refund amount depends on the amount guaranteed. The hospital will contact the patient to provide information about the warranty and the patient can contact the cashier at any time to get the deposit refund.
Deposit/payment paid by cash, debit card, money transfer, Alipay/WeChat will be refunded by cash or money transfer. Payment made by credit card will be refunded with the credit limit, which can take 3-4 weeks depending on the credit card statement cycle. If the patient wishes to receive a cash refund for payment by credit card, 2-3% credit card commission (depending on the type of credit card) and 7% VAT will be applied.
The original receipt must be returned to Finans for a refund. The cash refund will be returned to the patient. If a relative/representative/friend wishes to receive a cash refund on behalf of the patient, the patient must present an authorizing letter of consent from the relative/representative/friend, along with a signed copy of a valid passport to collect the cash refund. The recipient of the cashback must also present a copy of a valid passport for identification.
Refunds will not be made for procedures where we have to prepare drugs in advance, or for drugs that must be ordered from overseas, especially for the patient, such as chemotherapy drugs. The patient will be informed in advance.
If the patient decides to stop the procedure after the procedure has started, all medical expenses incurred after the visit is opened belong to the patient.
No refund will be given if the borrowed or rented item is not returned or damaged.
Pharmacy and medical supplies will not be returned.
No refunds will be given on any online purchase