Service Policy




Job this "CONSULTING SERVICE AGREEMENT" (briefly referred to as the "Contract".) the parties of the real person who wants to receive Consulting Services (briefly referred to as the "Consultant".) and Sentez Health Services Joint Stock Company and its subsidiaries providing the service (referred to as "SENTEZ" for short.) dir. The Consultant and the SENTEZ are referred to as separate Parties, together as Parties. The rights and obligations of the parties regarding the Client's receipt of audio and video consulting services ("Consulting Service”) and SENTEZ's provision of these services / services to the Client are the subject of this Agreement. The physician who will provide the Consulting Service will be referred to as a Consultant. This Agreement has been arranged in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.



This agreement begins with the appointment for an interview with the Consultant after paying the consulting service fee by creating an appointment and ends with the realization of the appointment, that is, the provision of the service, unless it is terminated for any reason.



Consultant interview service, on the other hand, is a paid service that refers to receiving audio and video consulting services from Consultant physicians and similar consultants in accordance with the subject you want to consult. The client will make the fee for the paid video/audio consulting service, which is the subject of this Agreement, by redirecting to the payment page in the SENTEZ system during appointment planning. The service fee is 300 pounds. In case of non-paying of the service fee or cancellation by the bank, the obligation to provide services by SENTEZ is eliminated. Video/audio counseling service will cover observation-based evaluation. This service is intended for informational purposes. It cannot be considered as an examination process. Video/Audio Counseling service does not provide service provision for emergency situations. The consultant has the right to refuse the service at any stage if there is a risk of possible misuse of the services or if it is determined that it is not suitable for the consultant. After the video consultation service, if requested, you can get an offer for your treatment / operation from Izmir University of Economics Medicalpoint Hospital in Izmir province.




Paid paid services 4.1 During the appointment phase of the consultant video/audio Consulting service, the service fee will be redirected to the payment page in the SENTEZ system and received in the form of online payment.


4.2 You will be contacted to start the conversation from your smartphone at the time of the appointment.


4.3 The Consultant reserves the right to refuse the video/audio consulting service after reviewing the Client's documents or at any stage for any reason by not deeming it appropriate. The final decision here is in the hands of the consultant. A refund of the fee will be made to the Consultant in relevant cases.


4.4 The client accepts, declares and undertakes that the contact and contact information, including identity, phone, e-mail, address, shared with SENTEZ during the appointment booking process is correct, valid and complete. SENTEZ cannot be held responsible for any disputes, including service failures caused by incomplete or incorrect provision of this information.


4.5 In order to get the best results in the video/audio consulting service, it is recommended to be in a quiet place when the interview starts.


4.6 In accordance with the client's privacy and confidentiality principles, you are around during the interview 3. It is necessary to take care that people or your relatives are not present.


4.7 Information about the processing, storage, transfer of personal data, your rights and other matters .................................... it is stated in the clarification text about the protection of personal data contained in the link.


4.8 As part of providing the Services, the explicit consent of the Client will be requested for issues such as informative promotion, service announcement, marketing activities, except for appointment reminders, privacy warnings, messages related to the use of the system, similar communication methods.


4.9 In order to receive the Services, it is necessary to be a Minor (over the age of 18), not to have a situation that may prevent him from being able to make and implement his own decisions, legally require guardianship, and not to have a situation such as falling foul of the provisions of this Agreement for any other legal reason. clients under the age of 18 may receive the services subject to this Agreement through their parents or guardians with their contact information and their participation.


4.11. If the Consultant commits any violation of the karst ethics and ethics rules, disrespectful speech, insulting, inappropriate behavior by the Consultant during the interview, the Consultant shall immediately terminate the interview and the fee paid by the consultant shall not be refunded.


4.12 During the interview, problems may occur due to technological reasons, interruptions, some technical glitches and force majeure. In these cases and/or in cases where the video/audio call connection is not sufficient and effective, the interview may be stopped by the Consultant being interviewed and new interview planning is made over the remaining time. In relevant cases, the new appointment time will be given to the Consultant taking into account the suitability of the Consultant. If there is a need to terminate or stop the interview for any justified reason during the interview from the client's point of view, this situation should be shared with the Consultant. In cases where there is a justified reason for stopping the meeting and it is proved by a concrete document, a new date may be scheduled for the negotiations that are terminated or stopped in this way, depending on the availability of the relevant Consultant.


4.13 Documents, notes and all data obtained or produced within the scope of your consulting service, including interview notes and medical records, are stored by SENTEZ in the consultant file for the required periods of time.


4.14 The client may not receive and use audio and/or video recordings of the interviews.


4.15 For online payments made within the scope of this Agreement, the unlawful use of the card by someone other than the holder is processed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.



If a dispute arises arising out of this Agreement, the laws of the Republic of Turkey will apply to this dispute, and Karsiyaka Courts and Enforcement Offices have been authorized to handle the dispute. this Agreement, consisting of 5 main articles and clauses, has been concluded by reading by the Parties and being read by the Consultant in electronic environment and has entered into force immediately.