Patient Services

We have a dedicated team of over 1,200 staff members and a medical staff of more than 350 doctors and dentists who specialize in 55 different sub-specialties to provide care to our patients. Our hospital offers a 24-hour Emergency Service, 19 operating rooms, and four types of intensive care units (for adults, children, cardiac patients, and Level III neonatal care). Additionally, we have a rehabilitation center to support our patients' recovery.

Our surgical facilities are equipped with two cardiac catheterization laboratories, 19 operating rooms (including two specifically designed for cardiac surgery), a state-of-the-art surgical navigation system, as well as capabilities for endoscopy, arthroscopy, lithotripsy, and interventional radiology procedures.

Medical Coordination Office

MedicalPoint International extends an invitation to healthcare professionals and providers from around the world to refer patients to our hospital for top-notch medical services. Our facility is renowned as a referral center for specialized care, and we take pride in offering comprehensive support through our dedicated Medical Coordination team.

Within our Medical Coordination team, we have a team of 7 doctors and 12 nurses who are adept at managing all aspects of case coordination. This includes planning procedures, addressing inquiries from patients' families during treatment, and formulating follow-up care plans to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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At MedicalPoint International Hospital, we understand that effective communication between caregivers and patients plays a vital role in delivering high-quality patient care. For this reason, we offer medical travel services to patients whose primary language is not English. Upon special request and subject to availability, we provide Cultural Support Officers who are proficient in a range of languages, including the following :

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Persian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Our commitment to ensuring clear and compassionate communication is an integral part of our dedication to providing the best possible care for all of our patients.

Business Center

For all your questions about Travelling Services

  • Hotel Reservation
  • Air Tickets for both international and domestic (Reconfirmation, Rerouting, Re-validation, Changing date and new ticket)
  • Transportation Service to Airport and other destinations required by customers
  • Local tour services (Half day / Full day / Evening dinner and entertainment)


Business Center Contact address :

2nd floor, MedicalPoint International Hospital Building

Open everyday from 8.00 a.m. to 17.30 p.m.
Tel. (+44) 7480 8035 35
Email: [email protected]

Airport Services

MedicalPoint operates its own personel in the arrival area of Izmir’s new airport. We can meet patients and provide plane-to-hospital VIP service.

Airport Contact address :

2nd floor, MedicalPoint International Hospital Building

Open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 17.30 p.m.
Tel. (+44) 7480 8035 35
Email: [email protected]

Inpatient Accommodation

Our accommodation consists of eight different room types, including 2-Bed Rooms. See room amenities, pictures and rates.

The hospital offers restaurants, shops and other services for your convenience.


There is a wide variety of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets within 1 kilometer of MedicalPoint International Hospital. These include Turkish food, fast food and Halal certified food establishments.


Within the MedicalPoint International facility, we have a variety of shops that are at your disposal for your convenience and comfort

Hotels Near Medical Point

We are pleased to provide a convenient solution to support our patients and their families by assisting with hotel reservations. Our Business Center is dedicated to assisting you in securing hotel accommodations that offer special corporate rates for MedicalPoint patients and their families, ensuring a comfortable and cost-effective stay during your time with us.