Our Vision and Mission


Established in 1996, Medical Point brings over 27 years of compassionate expertise to healthcare. Every patient is not just a case but a story, and we're here to walk that journey with them.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. Through continuous education and innovation, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment.

At Medical Point, compassion meets cutting-edge technology. Our relentless pursuit of medical advancement ensures that our patients always have access to the latest treatments and technologies.

With a vision to lead in healthcare, both nationally and internationally, we're proud to be your trusted partner on the path to wellness.


The mission of Izmir University of Economics Medicalpoint Hospital is to improve health by contributing to the well-being of our patients and to maintain quality healthcare services in our area of expertise. Principles of medical ethics can never be compromised and patient rights must always be respected. We inspire to provide heathcare delivered using state of the art medical technology with modern healthcare facilities.

Patient and Staff Safety Statement

MedicalPoint Hospital is responsible for the safety of our patients and staff. The Hospital Board has overall responsibility for guiding safety commitment. The Administrator and Management teams are responsible for overseeing, directing, and implementing security programs at MedicalPoint; however, everyone at MedicalPoint is responsible for safety. Safety is a team effort at the core of our business and central to our success and competitiveness.

MedicalPoint International is committed to protecting the global environment and conserving energy and natural resources. We support efforts to protect and improve the health and safety of the community and participate in activities that support these principles.

Environmental Declaration Guiding Principles

  • The hospital will establish environmental, health and safety policies that comply with official regulations and world standards, and ensure that staff and contractors are properly trained and trained on these policies.

  • Every staff member and contractor at Hospital facilities is expected to report environmental, health or safety concerns to management so that the Hospital follows environmental policies and takes appropriate action.

  • Infectious wastewater management etc. We will minimize the environmental impact of hospital operations on neighboring communities due to potential hazards such as

  • We will respect the use of natural resources by saving energy, participating in initiatives and supporting the recycling of materials.

  • We will conduct stringent audits and reviews of the hospital's compliance with our environmental policies and will strive to continually improve the environment.