MedicalPoint International Kazakhistan Office

Established in 1996, Medical Point Hospital brings over 27 years of compassionate expertise to healthcare. Every patient is not just a case but a story, and we're here to walk that journey with them.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. Through continuous education and innovation, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment.

At Medical Point, compassion meets cutting-edge technology. Our relentless pursuit of medical advancement ensures that our patients always have access to the latest treatments and technologies. With a vision to lead in healthcare, both nationally and internationally, we're proud to be your trusted partner on the path to wellness. In addition to our office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Medical Point International offers medical consultation for Kazakhstani citizens.

All our clients benefit from:

  • International care standards
  • Comprehensive information about the healthcare systems of Turkey
  • Use of international protocols in the provision of medical treatment and care
  • 24-hour access to medical consultation
  • Continuous training of medical staff
  • Protection of medical and personal privacy
Our team in Kazakhstan is highly experienced in designing, operating, and managing medical consultations. Each consultation is tailored to meet the client's specific requirements.

Why choose Turkiye?

Quality of Care: Internationally accredited hospitals and clinics staffed with highly skilled doctors and medical professionals
Advanced Technology: Turkish healthcare facilities are equipped with the latest medical technology, patients have access to cutting-edge treatments and procedures.
Specialized Services: From organ transplants and cancer treatment to cosmetic surgery and fertility treatments, Turkey offers a wide range of specialized medical services catering to diverse healthcare needs.
Affordability: Compared to many Western countries, medical treatment in Turkey is considerably more. Patients can save significantly on treatment costs, including consultations, procedures, and post-operative care.
Ease of Access: With well-developed transportation infrastructure and direct flight connections to major cities worldwide, accessing healthcare in Turkey is convenient and hassle-free.
Multilingual Support: Healthcare facilities in Turkey offer multilingual support, with medical staff proficient in English and other languages, ensuring effective communication and understanding throughout the treatment process.
Warm Hospitality: Turkish culture is known for its warm hospitality and welcoming nature. Patients can expect to be treated with kindness, respect, and compassion, making their healthcare experience in Turkey truly exceptional.


What services do you offer?
Answer: Our healthcare facility provides a wide range of medical services, including primary care, specialty consultations, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, rehabilitation, and preventive care. We strive to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our patients under one roof.
How can I schedule an appointment?
Answer: Scheduling an appointment is easy! You can book an appointment by calling our reception desk, visiting our website to fill out an online appointment request form. Our staff will assist you in finding a convenient time slot that fits your schedule.
What should I expect during my visit?
Answer: During your visit, you can expect to receive compassionate care from our medical professionals. Upon arrival, you will check in at the reception desk, complete any necessary paperwork, and be escorted to the appropriate area for your appointment. Our team will guide you through each step of your healthcare journey, addressing any questions or concerns you may have along the way.


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