FAQ About Treatments

Questions about Treatment

1Do I see the doctor before surgery?
All patients have a consultation with their doctors before the procedure starts and they discuss the details of their treatment before they make payment and the procedure can begin.
2How does Aftercare Service work?
This is one of the most important keys of the health service. We would like to support and assist you even after your treatment is done. We care a lot about you. We have a specific team for this service that is just one call/text away from you. Days, weeks even months after your operation, we check up on you.
3Are your doctors board certified? Do your doctors speak English?
Yes. All of our doctors are board certified & all of them can speak English.
4When can I start working out again after surgery?
Right after the surgery only small walks are recommended. When you start working out again but starting with light weight sports depending on the patient and the nature of the surgery you can start working out between 3-6 weeks post surgery.
5Do I have to remove my acrylic nails for surgery?
All acrylic nails and piercings must be removed before surgery so that the patient’s health can be tracked more accurately.
6Do I have to quit smoking for treatment?
Avoiding smoking two weeks before and two weeks after surgery is highly recommended. Nicotine and tobacco smoke delay healing and can result in scarring. This is the perfect time to give up the habit.

Questions about Journey

1Where are you located?
We are located in Izmir, Turkey.
2Do I have to decide a certain date right after pre-booking?
No. Once you book your treatment with us, we offer you one-year flexibility to decide when you would like to have your treatment. According to the availability of our doctors, we assist you with your date of operation.
3What do I need to bring with me when I come to Medical Point Hospital?
Your medications, prescription, previous or recent test results, previous medical reports if you have any. Some clean & comfortable clothes.

Questions about Payment

1When and how do I make payments?
The deposit payment for your treatment is completely enough to book. You can make your deposit payment with a debit/credit card via the provided payment link. You can contact us for more detailed information.