Hematology: Blood Diseases Treatment

In our Hematology Department, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all blood diseases are carried out. The Department of Hematology, which is a sub-branch of the Department of Internal Medicine, basically examines diseases in two separate groups: benign (non-cancerous) and malignant. Accordingly, anemias, leukopenia (low white blood cells), hemophilic and thrombocytopenic diseases, thalassemia, hemophilia, bleeding and clotting disorders, acute and chronic leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, aplastic anemia, polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, myelofibrosis, chronic myeloproliferative Diagnosis and treatment of diseases (CMPD) are carried out in this section.

In our department, detailed anamnesis and physical examination are first performed to diagnose blood diseases. In the light of these findings, laboratory tests and radiological imaging tests are performed as deemed necessary by the specialist physician. In laboratory tests, a complete blood count is usually requested to measure the amount of blood cells and hemoglobin. In addition, methods and analyzes such as analysis of hemoglobin subtypes, examination of blood defined as peripheral smear under a microscope, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, examination of vitamin B12, iron and folic acid levels, examination of coagulation, functional evaluation of blood cells and examination of proteins produced by immune system cells. As a result, a rapid diagnosis is made and our patients are treated and followed up.


  • Chemotherapy

  • Autologous Stem Cell (Bone Marrow) Transplantation

  • İmmunoterapi

  • Targeted Therapies

  • Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation

  • From haploid

  • Apheresis Application

  • Plasmapheresis

  • ALL stem cell transplant

  • Chemoimmunotherapy

  • Smart Medicine Applications

  • Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

  • Photopheresis application

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